The Undisciplined Horse

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Ulrik Schramm wrote a number of books and The Undisciplined Horse is not only based on the book of the same title first published in Germany in 1983, but also includes a wealth of material from The Trouble with Horses, which was published in 1986. The two books were bestsellers in both the German and the English languages and the advice has never been bettered. Now enlarged and updated, with the benefit of new colour photographs by leading equestrian photographer Bob Langrish, The Undisciplined Horse will be of immense value to riders and trainers of all levels. The underlying theme is that in order to resolve behavioural and training problems in horses, it is first necessary to understand the horse's character, instincts and thought-processes. The horse owner is not only provided with constructive, common-sense advice on how to deal with unwelcome behaviour such as kicking, shying, bucking or rearing, but is also encouraged to understand why it happens. The content is extremely comprehensive and wide-ranging and includes simple everyday problems encountered in the stable and field, difficulties encountered whilst travelling or hacking out, actual vice and deeply ingrained habits, as well as all types of schooling and training problems. This unique work of reference is distinguished by the author's deep knowledge of horses and horsemanship and by his desire to develop a better understanding and a genuine partnership between horse and rider. The new Undisciplined Horse will be welcomed by everyone involved with horses.