Rights of Way Restoring the Record- 2nd edition

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Essential guide to over 20 sources of evidence valuable for proving or disproving the existence of public rights of way in England and Wales. For each of the most commonly used documentary evidence types, this book explains where the evidence can be found, why it is of value to proving or disproving highway status, and how to set out an application for a definitive map modification order. There are notes on the national and county archive offices and helpful hints and time saving tips on how to carry out the research. It explains in detail how to initiate the legal process and, step by step, how to follow it through to an order being made. It includes a long list of the Acts and Schedules which make up the legal background to current rights of way law. This book is an essential guide for the novice, and an invaluable reference book for the more experienced. It will appeal to user groups, local authority rights of way practitioners, land agents, land owners and property lawyers, as well as local historians and those interested in their part of the countryside.