Rider Biomechanics

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Rider Biomechanics begins by explaining fascia - the 'cinderella of body tissues'. Until recently, this was ignored by science, consigned to its apparent role as the body's packing material. However, research shows that, in reality, this biological fabric links muscles into functional chains, rather like strings of sausages.Recent research has shown that the horse's fascial system is remarkably similar to our own, with equivalent 'lines of pull' that affect posture, movement, stability and mobility. Inevitably, the problems inherent in sitting and riding well are magnified when there is imbalance within and between the fascial 'guy-ropes' of rider and/or horse. We should realise that imbalance in either partner can send the other 'out of true', whilst the 'equipoise' of one partner helps the other to regain that poise.By working through this book, you will learn to access and rebalance your own fascial net to significantly improve your stability, skill and 'feel'. Practical exercises, enhanced with copious photographs and diagrams, show how to balance your front and back, left and right - yielding skills that simultaneously address the equivalent imbalances in your horse.Mary explains how effective force transmission within the fascial system enables riders to push their hands forward, taking away the temptation to pull on the reins. Later chapters show how twists and distortions in both human and horse can be addressed through accessing the fascial lines that wrap diagonally around the body. Lastly, a look at the core of both partners shows just how profound their connection can be.