Idolo Tether Tie
Idolo Tether Tie
Idolo Tether Tie
Idolo Tether Tie

Idolo Tether Tie

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The Idolo Tether Tie is a unique, knotless, tying system that helps teach your horse to tie safely. It is easy to use, supplied with a double ended trigger clip and simple to follow instructions. The tie comes in various colours.

This lightweight, strong, versatile tying aid is a valuable asset to any tack box. Banish the baler twine today with this amazing little invention.

Made in the UK from high grade industrial nylon, they are waterproof and long-lasting.

Unique safety features and key facts include: 

  • Works on pressure and release, creating friction when a horse pulls back on a lead rope.
  • Provides a safer environment. Relaxes and calms.
  • Clear pressure and release training, giving freedom to pull back in a panic situation.
  • Ideal for training young horses.
  • Helps prevent serious neck and poll injuries.
  • Use anywhere you need to tie up your horse. Stable, horsebox, washbay,  horsewalker, clipping, farrier, outside/indoor arena.
  • Built in safety feature. Can be used with most supple lead ropes.
  • Pressure change. To alter pressure without rethreading, simply unclip & reverse.
  • Endorsed by top riders & equine professionals worldwide.