Stage 1 Workbook

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A self-test and revision aid for candidates working towards the BHS Stage 1 assessment.

This innovative workbook is designed to make revision entertaining yet effective. It allows you to test your knowledge against the requirements of the Stage 1 assessment and contains a wealth of typical questions – with, of course, many model answers.

It is the recommended workbook towards the BHS Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship award.

The British Horse Society education system is one of the best and most widely-respected in the world. The Complete Horsemanship series supports anyone wishing to studying qualifications within the BHS Equine Excellence Pathway. The BHS Equine Excellence Pathway gives each student the opportunity to gain qualifications and awards in their chosen profession. They have been specially developed through extensive consultation with the equine industry to incorporate the latest research and thinking, with current practices and friendly assessment methods.

Melissa Troup BA and BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship.

Margaret Linington-Payne BA (Ed) is a BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship and a BHS Assessor.

108 pages | 297 x 210mm Paperback