Your Horses Skin

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This book contains everything there is to know about your horse's skin and how to care for it. The skin is the largest organ in the horse's body and performs a range of different functions. The health of the skin is affected by both internal and external conditions such as inclement weather and disease; therefore if all is not well with the skin, then all is not well with the horse.Hilary Pooley reveals why the condition of the skin needs to be monitored and explains the best ways of doing so. She covers everything from veterinary terminology and the function and structure of the skin to information about what to look for when assessing overall health. Remedies to restore skin to a healthy condition are given. Specific chapters discuss skin diseases and skin first aid and there is advice on the fitting and maintenance of equipment and tack. Feeding for skin health is also covered, as well as the effects of an inadequate or inappropriate environment. The effects of procedures such as clipping and rugging and techniques for improving the overall condition of the skin in general are also explained in detail and there are plenty of photographs and diagrams to support the text.Your Horse's Skin is an essential book for anyone interested in horses and their welfare.