Valegro Goes International- Book 4

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Valegro Goes International continues the story of the most famous and successful dressage horse in the world. In this, the fourth book in the series, his true-life story continues as the reader is taken on the amazing journey of a top-class dressage horse. Blueberry and his rider, Charlotte, continue to progress their career under the tutorage of top rider and trainer, Carl Hester. Chosen to represent his country, the little brown horse is gaining attention from not only top dressage judges and officials, but is amassing a fan base, too. But there are always hiccups in a successful career and Blueberry - with the help of his ever-present friend, little one-eyed dog Lulu - is determined to overcome them on his way to the very top, and be chosen for the most important international competition in the world. Valegro Goes International, is the fourth book in The Blueberry series, specially written for all young readers who have been captivated by the most successful dressage horse of all time. Written from the viewpoint of Blueberry, each book contains fascinating insights into the training and everyday life at one of the world's top dressage yards, with Blueberry's friends making their own, vital, contribution to help the little brown horse on his amazing journey. Author Carl Hester FBHS MBE, a veteran of five Olympic Games, has changed how dressage horses are trained, and readers are treated to behind-the-scenes insights and Carl's unique spin on all things dressage. Valegro Goes International continues Blueberry's story in his own words and not only tells of his life before he became famous, but gives an insight into one of the world's top dressage yards, together with all its inhabitants. Follow Blueberry's amazing journey as he works hard to follow his dream of becoming the best dressage horse the world has ever known.