Valegro A Rising Star- Book 3

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Valegro - A Rising Star is the long-awaited book three about the story of Valegro, the most successful and famous dressage horse in the world! Valegro - Blueberry to his friends - is continuing his dressage career. At last he is fulfilling his ambition, to become a top-class dressage horse, but there is one thing missing - the perfect rider to accompany him on his amazing journey. Carl is on the lookout, but nobody seems up to the task of partnering this amazing horse. And Blueberry has other hurdles to overcome, unexpected emotions which threaten to jeopardise his ambitions and Carl's plans for him. Will Blueberry's best friend, little one-eyed Lulu, be able to help him fulfil the dream held by every equine athlete, the ultimate aim of working towards being selected for the Olympic Games? Valegro - A Rising Star gives a fascinating insight into the making of a world-class dressage horse by one of the world's most accomplished, respected and successful dressage riders and trainers, Carl Hester. With the help of Blueberry's friends human and equine - and his special canine friend, Lulu - readers will be swept along in this amazing true-life story of the world's most famous dressage horse, identifying with Blueberry as he overcomes his problems of insecurity and jealousy which threaten to turn his dreams to dust. Will Carl find a rider worthy of this amazing horse he values so highly? Even if he does the new rider - and Blueberry - will still need to form an extra special partnership, and work as one to succeed! Valegro - A Rising Star, is the third book in The Blueberry series, specially written for all young readers who have been captivated by the most successful dressage horse of all time. Written from the viewpoint of Blueberry, each book contains fascinating insights into the training and everyday life at one of the world's top dressage yards, with Blueberry's friends making their own, vital, contribution to help the little brown horse on his amazing journey.