The Return Journey

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A freak accident took talented horsewoman Kathryn Bull from her husband Steve when she was thirty-nine years old. In a single moment, Steve was no longer part of the team they had created but alone, grieving the woman who had been his one constant. In the foggy aftermath of the accident, Steve was clear on one thing, a promise to Kathryn he made as she lay in the field; to look after her yard and animals.A last expedition dedicated to the woman who loved horses - and him - so very much. An experienced expedition leader, Steve was no stranger to challenges but this was without equal. He lost their expedition business, faced doubts from all quarters, and gained a renewed appreciation of Kathryn's talent, commitment and the legacy she left behind her in a field one April day.Tender and poignant, this memoir traces one man's return journey from the terrible tragedy that threatened to break him. It is a testimony to the strength of true love, and the inexplicable bond between man and horse.