The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop

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Charlie Bass woke early, partly because her window didn’t have any curtains and partly because Boris the Border terrier was licking her face.

The first children's book from animal-lover, commentator, journalist and author Clare Balding is a funny, heart-warming story filled with timeless appeal and a wonderful mix of human and animal characters. Clare’s own childhood was filled with animals and she claims she could ride before she could walk, dreaming about riding in the Olympics herself one day so it’s no surprise that her first book for children recreates her own childhood love of animals in a book that’s a perfect blend of warmth and humour. 

Charlie Bass is a horse-mad nine year-old who dreams of owning her own pony. So when her eccentric parents announce that they are going to buy a racehorse, Charlie is thrilled. The horse they buy, Noble Warrior, looks the part: strong, fit and healthy. There's just one problem - he won't gallop. In fact, he won't even trot round the field without his best friend, Percy, a naughty palomino pony, at his side. But Charlie is convinced that Noble Warrior has what it takes to be a champion - he just needs the right motivation...