The Organic Horse

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The "organic horse" is the horse designed by nature, free of defects that might arise as a result of poor management, or even environmental pollution. It is an ideal state, and something that should be aimed for. Many of the diseases which today affect our horses are either man-made or, at least, precipitated by factors over which we have some degree of control. The level of contagious disease reflects the failure to inderstand how infection is induced and spread, or to accommodate natural immunity. The question arises: are people better off trying to keep contamination down in the first place rather than using potentially harmful drugs to improve the situation, even if these are not toxic to the horse?;And what of the water and food horses consume? Are nutritionists pressing nature too far? Can the influences of known toxins be ignored, even if they are only detected in tiny amounts? Can these trigger off low grade disease? This book aims to answer these questions.