The Art of Schooling for Dressage

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This is the follow-up title to Sylvia Stanier's two best-selling titles The Art of Lungeing and The Art of Long Reining. By the time that the reader uses this title it is assumed that they understand the work that has been outlined in the two previous books. The same muscles of the horse will be developed and the same logical programme followed. This book is very much rider orientated and contains instructions on where to sit in the saddle, how the rider should use his/her legs, reins and body weight to achieve the required results. The author also includes comments on the effect of the weather on training and very clear descriptions of the various lateral movements. An integral part of Sylvia Stanier's teaching is that the rider must be shown how to work so that the horse complies willingly with the rider's wishes. The Art of Schooling for Dressage, with its clear explanatory text, line drawings by Maggie Raynor and photographs by Kit Houghton and John Evans illustrating the various techniques will help riders to achieve the desired results.