Rider + Horse = 1

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Bringing rider and horse together so they can move as one is a complex equation. Now, sports physiologist and movement expert Eckart Meyners has combined efforts with German Riding School Head Hannes Muller and St. Georg editor Kerstin Niemann to provide a book with the answers.Top-quality color photographs—many featuring 2014 World Equestrian Games gold-and-silver-medal-winning rider Helen Langehanenberg—and a depth of detail not yet found in other books on riding theory and biomechanics make Rider+Horse=1 necessary reading for all those who aspire to a true understanding of movement, function, and their impact on performance.This book enables you to:• Interpret the difference between skills and abilities in rider and horse.• Use unique exercises to improve your balance and aids.• Master three fundamental riding techniques: flexion, bend, and half-halts.• Explore ways of creating “positive tension" in the horse.• Discover the three-dimensionality of the rider in new ways.• Learn how to identify and respond to the motion sequences of the horse.