Raise Your Game - How to Speak Fluent Sport

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Why is a bogey no longer a par?

Why is a try worth more than a conversion?

Why do snowboarders like bonking more than cyclists?

Why do sumo throw salt and stamp their feet?

Sport can be downright odd!

Think of a tennis court and its scoring system. Or the organised chaos of a rugby scrum. Or just about everything to do with cricket. Yet, these madcap pursuits drive men and women to extraordinary feats of physical and mental audacity, and keep us pinned to the edge of our seats.

Raise Your Game offers a lighthearted companion to fifty of the world's favourite sports, including a special section on the Summer Olympics. Ian Valentine explains each in a nutshell, so you can watch and talk sport like a seasoned pro.

Oliver Preston's priceless observations on the whacky world of sport land the knockout punch. This is a hugely entertaining and illuminating read for all sports fans, from the part-time enthusiast to the die-hard tragic.