Out of the Desert

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Upton's unrivalled knowledge of and passion for the Arab horse are well known, and his paintings and books on the subject are in demand world-wide. In Out of the Desert, he focuses on the Arab's influence on the light horse and pony breeds of Great Britain. The work is lavishly illustrated with Upton's own paintings and sketches, as well as archive photographs and fine art by artists such as Stubbs, Munnings, Sorolla and the Pre-Raphaelites. Throughout the narrative Upton draws on a rich source of quotes from contemporary and historic writers.

The Arab is recognised as the world's oldest-known pure equine race, and in earlier centuries was eagerly sought after by the rich and powerful. This peerless breed had long been the first among horses, renowned for its strength, sagacity and speed. Due to the purity of its blood, the Arab displayed an unrivalled pre-potency, and its influence can be traced in breeds across the world - the Morgan horse, the Lipizzaner, the Percheron and many others. Upton's conclusion that Britain's native breeds have benefited from the benign influence of Arab blood may challenge the long-held views of some purists, but if you have a place in your heart for the horse or pony, you will undoubtedly want to find a place on your bookshelves for this superb book.