Horse Business Management Managing a Successful Yard- 4th edition

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Horse Business Management will equip you with the knowledge to run a profitable horse business. Down-to-earth and highly readable, this book demonstrates how to apply modern business theory to create success, in addition to outlining British legal considerations for your business. Essentially, it will enable you to develop your vision of excellence and the specialist skills needed to make that vision a reality. Sections include:Understanding the marketConsidering available assetsDeveloping effective marketing strategiesDeveloping effective practices in daily yard managementProviding a safe and rewarding environment for all involvedRecognising and providing a high quality experience for the customerProviding a solid financial returnJeremy Houghton Brown and Marcus Clinton offer you their expert advice on modern equine business techniques, sharing their wealth of practical experience, and their thorough understanding of the horse industry in the UK.Extensively revised for its fourth edition, Horse Business Management is applicable to every type of stable yard and horse business. It is equally suited for both current and prospective horse business owners and managers, and should be in the hands of every college equine student.