Going Steady : More Relationship Advice from Your Horse

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Going Steady takes up where Relaxed & Forward, Relationship Advice from Your Horse, left off. These bite-sized essays on affirmative horse training, rescue stories, and "gray mare" thoughts are geared toward encouraging creative, affirmative partnerships. Blake's writing uses clear descriptions, a joy of storytelling, and some sideways humor to inspire meaningful, positive communication. Sometimes irreverent but always honest and horse-centric:

What you have to offer is more than enough and your horse is just as magical as he ever was. Leadership is a humble service given with kindness. Security exists when both sides truly understand that for trust to exist, there is no place for intimidation. In riding, don't be fooled by smoke and lights. Anyone can spur a horse into speed and jerk them to a halt. If you want to know true connection, look for partnership between the movements. Because the art is always in the transition. Be the change you want to see in your horse. If he is hot, you cool your body movements. If he is reluctant to walk, you lighten and lift your body movements. Correct yourself. Let's redefine leadership as the one who breathes and smiles the most: Let an inhale relax your body, let an exhale leave soft shoulders and a soft belly. Let a smile give you a soft jaw. Be seriously patient and your horse will offer his heart. Be seriously grateful and it will change your heart. Most of all, be seriously lighthearted because horses like us that way. The arc of a horse's life (or our own) doesn't look like a golden rainbow. It looks more like the jagged readout of a heart monitor. There are ups and downs in each heartbeat. It's how you can tell we're alive.

Author: Anna Blake