Everyday Jumping

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This book is designed for training jumping riders and horses, whether schooling at home, or under instruction in group lessons or as individuals. It provides a collection of exercises, on the flat, and over poles and fences, as well as detailed background information on jumping technique and tips on how to achieve a clear round in faultless style.

The book includes: the five stages of the horse's jump (approach, take-off, jump, landing, departure); the effects of the rider's position (i.e. what happens when the rider is tight with the reins, sits down too quickly, moves too quickly over a fence, or is in front of the movement or left behind it); fences to improve the horse's jump; overcoming typical problems and faults; flatwork exercises to improve the horse's canter and turning ability; pole work; grids and related distance; influencing the canter lead over a fence; building and riding courses; indoor cross-country practice; tables of distances; and notes on fence building.