Calamities in Flipping Bodbury

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The idyllic Cotswolds village of Flipping Bodbury appears to be the quintessential country village. However, when the Women's Institute become involved in any part of village life, Flipping Bodbury becomes a calamitous place! Flipping Bodbury has to deal with dangerous donkeys and spooky stances, with disastrous town twinnings and spectacular celebrity appearances. The WI and the rest of the village embrace it, with the help of a few alcoholic beverages. Whatever the problem, or how obscure the situation, the village of Flipping Bodbury takes it in its slightly wobbly stride. Georgina Edwards and Verity Stew have produced a comical and endearing set of tales in their novel 'Calamities in Flipping Bodbury'. The authors have captured the essence of country Cotswold life, and have produced a novel that is laugh out loud funny, with their array of characters which make up Flipping Bodbury.