A Pony's Christmas Story

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Every Christmas the little yard at the bottom of a hill in Lancashire comes alive when an amazing group of animals and humans create a magical experience for children and families who need an extra special bit of love over the festive period.

This story is based on true events that happened during one of our Christmas nativities. All the horses and ponies featured in the story are real and all have been much loved members of our team. Our charity Stable Lives creates a calm, quiet place where those dealing with mental health challenges can come to rest, relax and reconnect into society.

Throughout the year we have the privilege of watching our amazing team of horses help children and adults through challenging times in their lives. If you are reading this book at Christmas, then we encourage you to reach out into your community to spread a little bit of kindness. If you are reading this at any other time of the year, then get planning on how you can spread joy for next Christmas!

Author: Carrie Byrom